Distinguished guests, good afternoon!
This is Hyunjae Cho, chairman of Korea Sports Promotion Foundation.

I would like to welcome all the participants here at the '2021 Dream Together Seoul Forum.' I would also like to send my deep gratitude to the experts from home and abroad who will be delivering their speeches and presentations.

It is a pleasure to meet all of you in this meaningful event despite the hardships the world is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

'Dream Together Master program,' which KSPO is organizing together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Seoul National Univerity, has marked its ninth anniversary this year.

The 'Dream Together Master program,' has nurtured 137 sports administrators in 49 developing countries, who have returned to their home and are contributing to improving Korea's national status by achieving outstanding performance in their work based on the knowledge they learned here.

'Dream Together' literally means dreaming together. The title holds the meaning to dream bigger by sharing the achievement of the Korean sports field and Korea's experience of social development through sports, and by establishing a close network with each other.

Sports has a powerful force of connecting the world full of diverse race, culture and background to unite it. The end of the Cold War era through 1988 Seoul Olympics, the establishment of a momentum for inter-Korean reconciliation through the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and the message of peace shared by the refugee players during the recent Tokyo Olympics are all good examples. In the face of sports, nothing would become an obstacle.

Diverse discussions are going to take place during '2021 Dream Together Seoul Forum' under the theme of 'Sport and SDGs for the New Globe.'As sports hold unlimited power and value, I am certain that it will contribute to a paradigm shift in creating a sustainable global village.

This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Just like the Seoul Olympics played a pivotal role in bringing end to the Cold War and international unity, I hope '2021 Dream Together Seoul Forum' actively makes usage of both tangible and intangible legacy of the Seoul Olympics, and serves as a starting point in coming up with practical measures for achieving sustainable development as well as world peace.

Dream Together! Let us dream together! Let us put our joint efforts in order to achieve SDGs through sports and bear fruits through this forum.

I once again send my gratitude to the organizers for preparing today's event, and wish the best of luck and health for all of you who gathered here. Thank you!